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Paintball Equipment Questions

Q. What do I need to fill my own CO2 Tank?

A. If you already have the 3 things you need to fill a CO2 Tank (CO2 Fill Station, a Scale and a 50lb Bulk Siphon Co2 Tank) then lets get started.  Filling your own tank is quick and easy. We do recommend wearing a pair of thin gloves because the CO2 tank can get a little cold.

1) Hook up your fill station to your bulk CO2 Siphon tank.

2) Hook up your Paintball CO2 tank (20oz or whatever) to your fill station and place the tank on your digital scale.

3) If your CO2 has some Liquid CO2 left in it drain it completely, this will chill the tank and aid in getting a full CO2 Fill.  Hit the TARE feature on your scale to set the scale to ZERO.  Now skip to step 5.

4) Set your Scale to ZERO by using its TARE feature.  If your CO2 tank was empty pump a few ounces into the tank (watch the scale), then bleed it.  This will cause your paintball co2 tank to chill.  You can not fill a warm CO2 tank fully, this is why you need to chill it by bleeding some CO2 out.  A trick to save CO2 is to stick an empty tank in the freezer for a few hours.  This will chill the tank so you don’t have to waist CO2 to Chill the tank.

5) Once your tank is chilled you can fill the tank completely.  If you have a 20 ounce CO2 tank you can put 20 ounces of CO2 in. If you have a 9 ounce tank then you put 9 ounces of CO2 in.  Ect.  NO NOT OVER FILL YOUR TANK.  IF you over fill your tank, the pressure will build to high in the tank and you will rupture the Burst Disk (safety device which stops you from over filling).  Once the burst disk ruptures all the CO2 in the tank will bleed out.  You will have to replace the burst disk at your local store.

6) Shut off the Bulk CO2 source, disengage the pin valve on the CO2 tank, and bleed the fill line, and your done.

Its pretty easy.  Once you fill a few tanks you should be able to fill a CO2 tank in about 1 minute.

Trouble Shooting:

You can not fill the tank completely (only a few ounces go in)!  Answers:  a) You didn’t chill your tank enough.  b) Your bulk CO2 tank is empty/Low c) Your bulk  CO2 tank is not a siphon tank (no dip tube).


Q. Can I fill my own Compressed Air Tank at Home?

A. The short answer for this is not for the average player.    Paintball air tanks need a minimum pressure of 3,000PSI to make it worth your while.  Home tool air compressors are 250-300PSI so there is not enough pressure to fill a 3,000 or 4,500PSI paintball air tank.   We do sell small compressors however its not economical for the average home user to purchase a high pressure air compressor.  A home user that owns a scuba tank and has the ability to get it filled locally, can purchase a scuba fill station, which can then fill a paintball air tank.  This is a great option if you play at a remote field where there is no supply of high pressure air.


Q. What’s the difference between N2 (Nitrogen) and Compressed Air?

A.  Compressed Air (aka High Pressure Air -H.P.A.). Well simply put in paintball we use these terms interchangeably to describe the same tank.

N2 and High Pressure Air have the similar characteristics while under pressure which is why we can use either gas in our N2/HPA tanks. We are going to call the paintball tanks that carry Nitrogen or Air “Air Tanks”. Back in the late 1990’s while this technology was first being introduced in paintball, paintball was a much smaller sport than it is today. Paintball fields were few and very far from each other and paintball participation rate was 25% of what it is today. During this time it was cheaper (and less of a risk) for paintball fields to lease big tanks filled with Nitrogen to fill the new nitrogen paintball tanks, than it was to go out and buy their own $10,000 Air Compressor Set Up. Players and fields stated to call these the fill for these tanks Nitro Fills and the tanks themselves N2 tanks. As this technology advanced in the early 2000’s the cost of the paintball N2/Air tanks dropped dramatically, and these paintball tanks became more affordable. Paintball player participation also sharply increased which means more people were showing up to the field with N2 tanks. Field owners soon realized that it was much more cost effective for them to own their own Air Compressor System to fill these paintball tanks on site, and on demand with Compressed Air then to continue renting N2 tanks. Its because of this change over in the past 5 years from Nitrogen to Compress air in paintball the Terms “Air” and “HPA” exist. Nitrogen in paintball has been phased out, but the terms Nitrogen and Nitro still live on.

So what should I call my N2/Air Tank to stop me from looking like a newb? I would call it a “Air Tank”. Nitrogen in paintball is dead.

Presently there is a wide selection of paintball air tanks out their. Ranging from $50-$300 depending on a number of features. There are Steel (not recommend), Aluminum, Glass Wrapped, Fiber Wrapped and Carbon Fiber Wrapped paintball air tanks. These materials basically dictate how light your tank will be. On the tank will be a regulator which will lower the internal storage pressure of the tank to a usable pressure your paintball gun can use. You can find a very wide selection of tanks here


Q. What do the 68/4500 or 48/3000 numbers on a compressed air tank mean?

A. The numbers basically tell you what size the tank is.  If your a noob to paintball it could be a little confusing. Let me break it down for you. The first number is the cubic inch of the tank, that’s how large the tank physically is. Usually sizes are 45, 48, 47, 68, 70, 72 and 90. The second number tells you what internal pressure the tank can hold in PSI (ponder per sq. inch), this will read 3000 or 4500. There are 5000psi tanks out there but its more of a gimmick than anything else because most fields will not be able to fill to 5,000 PSI.

So for an example. a 68/3000 holds less air than a 68/4500 because the 4500 can hold more air (at a higher pressure) inside the same amount of space than a 3000psi tank.


Q. What is the difference between a High Pressure or Low Pressure Tank? 

A. Well the LP or HP refers to the output pressure of the regulator on your tank.  The Regulator on your tank takes your tank's stored air volume of 3000, or 4500 PSI and lowers it to a useable air pressure for your paintball gun (850 PSI or less).  On a pre set regulator the pressure will be lowered to 800-850 PSI “High Pressure” or less then 450 PSI “Low Pressure”.  There are adjustable tanks out there that allow you to customize the output pressure, usually anywhere form 200-900PSI.

“That’s all fine and dandy, but what tank do I use on my gun?”  That just depends on the guns design and the inline regulator your gun uses. To make things simple for you, read your guns manual to see what type of tank to get.  AAngels are the only gun that needs a low Pressure tank, because their regulators are not designed to accept 800PSI going into them.

All guns that accept CO2 need a HP tank like Spyder and Tippmann guns, most guns out their will need a HP tank.  Guns like the Ion, Ego, and DM7 can operate with a LP tank however the manufacturer wants you to use a HP tank so their is no chance of shoot downs (your gun not working due to the lack of available back pressure pressure).


General Questions

Q. My order arrived but there was no invoice in the box!

A. To help conserve resources, we prefer to use electronic invoices.   All of our invoices are e-mailed to our customers when an order is processed.  Please let us know if you need us to re email your receipt to you.  We are always happy to help!


Q. Authorization Information

A. An authorization is a temporary hold on funds.  You usually see authorizations with debit cards and online banking statements.  When you submit your order on-line with your card is automatically "authorized".  The authorization checks your billing address and places a hold on the funds.  When your order ships and we complete the sale, the authorization get converted into a sale.  Credit cards and bank card companies handle this process differently, it also varies by state.  Sometimes with a bank card, the authorization will look it was debited twice, or billed once then credited, then billed again.  This shows primarily if we have to change your order, or an order is cancelled.  In reality the charge just needs a few days to clear before you see the actual finalized charge on your statement.  Bank card/debit card authorizations have to release themselves within 4 business days.  This is a process that has nothing to do with (its just the way debit cards/bank cards work).  Credit cards allow for authorization without actually holding the money in your bank.


Q. How old do you have to be to buy paintball equipment or supplies from

A. You must be 18 years old to order from us.


Q. I have a question about a product, how can I contact you?

A. Feel free to send us an email to, call us or try our live chat feature to the top right of your screen. All e-mails are answered with in 12 hours if not minutes after you send it. Even after hours.


Q. Can I order by Phone?

A. You sure can, call 877-725-9675 however you will not be eligible for any online only specials like free shipping.


Q. Is is safe to use my credit card on

A. YES. Every single transaction is 100% secure. Our servers are powered by Yahoo's powerful encryption software. You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to worry about. Your credit card account info is safe. We even go as far as to pay a outside internet security firm to try to break into out web site on a daily basis. is more secure than your local bank vault.


Q. I'm trying to place an order online and my credit card is being declined, can you help me?

A. We wish we could help you!  However, if your card is declining it has to do with the account itself (not   We do suggest that you double check your expiration code and the security code and make sure you entered them correctly on the billing page.


Q. I placed an on-line order and I didn't get an "Order Confirmation" did my order go through?

A. E-mail us we'll be happy to check!


Q. When will my order arrive?

A. It normally takes 12-24 hours to process and ship an order depending on when you placed it. We do not normally process or box orders on weekends.  In the rare event an order takes longer to process/ship we will contact you stating why and what your options are. Once shipped it can take up to 6 business days to get to you depending on the delivery service you selected. Please click here for more info.


Q. What's the deal with my shipping box, it looks re-used?

A. It is probably is re-used!  We believe in recycling and using as few new boxes as possible.  So we reuse boxes from our suppliers and venders instead of throwing them out or sending them off to be recycled locally. This way we can do our part to try to conserve our natural resources. When you receive you order we encourage you to recycle the shipping box in your local recycling program or reuse it and pass it on...


Q. My equipment arrived and I think something might be broken or malfunction, What do I do?

A. Don't worry its an easy fix! Almost all of our items are tested to make sure they are working properly before they leave the factory, so more than likely you just need some over the phone tech support.  Simply call the tech. support number included with your instruction book and they will get you going very quickly. 


Q. I ordered paintballs from you guys which arrived Broken. What do I do?

A. Please click here for more information.


Q. What is your Return Policy?

A. Please click here for more information.

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