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V-Force Paintball

We offer V Force Goggles as a simple solution to that age-old problem:  How do I protect myself during fierce paintball gun battles without spending the last dime I have?  The simple answer for those of you who are under-paid or over-taxed is the V Force goggle line.  These goggle are reasonably priced, full wrap masks with fog-resistant lenses that keep you from getting an eye full of paint.   

Armor Goggles are the V Force entry level model.  Priced to be affordable for even the rankest amateur, these are simple, classic protective goggles that still manage to give you the advantage of fog resistance and a quick-change lens feature.

The Pro Vantage Goggle System will last for years and can take a serious (we’re talking you can really pound this monster) beating.  It’s lightweight and seals to your face for superior protection.  If you like to watch things out of the corner of your eye and take issue with most paintball goggles, try the Profiler by V Force.  These goggles have extra-wide lenses so you can see that fool sneaking up in your peripheral vision and take him out before he hits first. 

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