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Empire Goggles + Parts

Vents Avatar Goggles feature “armor” ear covers, thermal lens, dual density foam, quick change lens and a display case.  You can’t go wrong with Vent goggles - they’re the choice of dozens of pro teams because of the high quality of the mask and frame. In addition, there’s virtually no distortion or reflective glare when wearing them.

For tournament quality, go for the Empire Event Paintball GogglesThese are awesome goggles that come in various colors to match your squad’s team uniform. The lenses are the most advanced in the industry, using optically correct lenses like those used for prescription eyewear. 

Empire Event Paintball Goggles have a graduated thickness to minimize visual distortion in the outer edges of the line of site.  The Empire Event also uses a quick-release system for adding and removing the lens to the mask while preventing paint seepage issues (hey, we all have issues, but paint in your mask shouldn’t be one of them). Vents goggles can be fitted with visors or brow shields, and the Empire Event includes both, saving you the extra cash outlay while protecting that stunning cranium of yours.

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