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Tippmann Upgrades

You have to admit there’s nothing better than tricking out your paintball marker with Tippman upgrades that give it the look and feel of genuine military hardware.  SakWorld Paintball carries a full line of A5 parts so that you can turn your marker into a work of art.  Who says velocity and accuracy on the paintball field can’t look lethal, too? 

One of the most popular Tippman upgrades we carry is the Camo Kit.  If you’re into scenario or woodsball, this is the perfect way to improve your invisibility - no more worrying about light reflecting off your marker or solid colors revealing your position. 

For a true military look and feel, consider investing in an A5 wooden stock that will give you a bit of weight and precision balance.  After all, woodsball is a whole different world, isn’t it?  Don’t stop there – the A5 Expansion Kit is one of the best expansion chamber kits ever developed.  There are endless possibilities with Tippman upgrades.  Isn’t it time you got started?

A5 Parts and Upgrades
Tippmann Custom 98 Upgrades, Mods + Parts
Starting At $5.95!
Starting At $499.00!
X7 + Phenom Parts and Upgrades
US ARMY Upgrades
Starting At $79.00!
TPX Paintball Pistol + Accessories
Starting At $14.95!
Tippmann Accessories
Starting At $4.95!
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