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Tiberius Arms

We now have the full line of Tiberius Clip Fed Paintball Pistols and Rifles.  The guns come clip fed (8 Rd Spring Loaded Clips) and the clip with CO2 12 grams slide up into the handle, which is a very cool feature.  The Tiberius guns are sleek, small, well made and dead accurate.

The T9 line of rifles have the Tiberius 8 Pistol at the base.  That pistol then gets built up into a rifle by adding a different barrel and other accessories like a car stock as seen in the T9 Ranger Rifle.  The T9 Elite Rifles come fully decked out ready to accept an external hopper like the Halo, and a remote coil, for a much larger supply of paint and air.  Don't worry though all the T9 rifles ... Read More

(Description Cont.) ... can be built up and customized for your specific needs.   If you are the guy in the woods who does nothing but crawl around and snipe, you will enjoy the super low profile of the T9 line of paintball guns.  Definitely check them out.

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