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Tippmann Barrels

Tippmann Paintball Barrels are some of the most world renowned paintball barrels available today.  The Tippmann Barrels employ a patented technology which puts a backspin on the paintball.   This backspin yields 100+ of extra distance over standard non flatline barrel.  The backspin also keeps the paintball on a true, flat flight and guides the paintball on target.  The Tippmann Barrels are second to non in paintball. 

The Tippmann Paintball Barrels not only perform well, but they also look good too. The X7 and new 98 Custom (which also fits the Alpha Black) flatline barrels have some sharp looking and functional Pictatinny rails.  The A5 Flatline maintains a cool World War II water cooled machine gun look!  We also have a HUGE selection of Tippmann barrels by other manufacturers like the ... Read More

(Description Cont.) ... JJ Ceramic, Redz Pepper Stick, and the Invert Whisper barrel.   A Tippmann Paintball barrel is an instant upgrade no matter how you throw the dice.

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