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Slide Shorts + Shirts

So you don’t want to get paintball pants?  Yea, sure you could wear a pair of old jeans or camo pants.  And after a few rounds they’ll have some serious holes and you’ll have some serious raspberries and bruising if you’re any kind of player at all.  Let’s get real.

To really do paintball right, whether its scenario, woodsball, recreational or tourney play, you’ve got to go all out.  Dive for cover.  Belly crawl behind a bunker.  Obviously paintball pants are a good investment in saving your regular wardrobe and saving your beleaguered flesh. 

Try on some Pro Sliders and you’ll understand why neoprene is one of the great inventions of the modern age.  Your skin can actually breath in these things, but no matter how much you slide, roll or crawl, you aren’t sustaining any major injuries.  The padding is triple stitched to stay in place so that the only thing sliding in Pro Sliders is you.  Vented perforations keep you cool as a cucumber while you’re stalking your prey.  Coverage right down to your ankles – there’s just no way to bang up your legs in these paintball pants.

If you want something a bit shorter on length but just as high quality, go for the Slide ShortsThese have all the same features as the Pro Sliders, but stop at the bottom of the thigh.  Great for hot summer months, especially with the terry cloth zone for cool comfort.  Hey, you don’t have to tear yourself up when you’re tearing it up at paintball; paintball pants can save your skin.

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