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Fact: Upgrading your stock paintball barrel is the single most import upgrade you can do to your paintball gun to improve accuracy.   Your stock paintball barrel (the barrel that comes with your gun) is highly in accurate.  These barrels are always produced very inexpensively.   The craftsmanship which goes into a stock barrels is always sub par compared to an "aftermarket" barrel likes the ones we have below.

A great inexpensive way to make your gun shoot farther, quieter, and more accurately is spending as little as $30 on a new paintball barrel. Take the JJ Ceramic Barrel for example.   Its added length, ceramic coating, and ports allow for the paintball to exit the barrel without breaking, and fly straighter and truer than a stock Tippmann or Autococker barrel.  

Typically the more money you spend on a new paintball barrel, the more technology you get.   Take for example the new Dye Carbon Fiber Barrel.   Its made from super light carbon fiber!  Other ... Read More

(Description Cont.) ... barrels like the Long Bow Titanium Barrel have a patented Hard Bore, boring process which basically eliminates, a paintball breaking inside of the barrel.   Its also made out of super light and super strong titanium.   Take your time and checkout all the paintball barrels we have to offer, they will all added much needed accuracy to your gun.

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