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Remote Coils + Parts

A remote coil allows you to move your paintball tank (air or CO2) to a different location than attached to your gun. Usually people will use a remote coil to move the tank into a harness that can hold a tank. This allows more maneuverability when your gun because you do not have the extra bulk and weight of the tank attached to your gun. Remote coils are 100% optional and depend solely on your personal preference.

A remote coil is a pretty simple item.  Its just a high pressure hose which is designed to hold internal pressures of around 3000PSI.  This allows the remote to work with CO2, Low Pressure Compressed Air or High Pressure compressed air.  Keep in mind if you have a 4500PSI HP tank, that tank has a regulator on it which lowers the pressure going into the remote to 850PSI or less.  Most people don't realize this and don't think a remote will work with their tank.  These remotes will work with all paintball tanks.

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