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Planet Eclipse Gear Bags

How much do you carry in your paintball bagHow do you organize it?  The Eclipse Surplus Ruksak keeps things orderly no matter how disorganized you usually are.  There are a slew of nifty little pockets and compartments so that everything has a place, from your marker to your regulator and everything in between.  It straps on just like a backpack for easy toting, and you can even use it for carrying around other stuff, like your cell phone, laptop…whatever.
If you’re a real pack horse, nothing but the Planet Eclipse XXL Gear Bag will do.  Go ahead; we dare you to try and fill this one up!  You can fit two markers, two tanks, four barrels, tools, mask, pods, hoppers and some clean clothes in this giant paintball bagIf you can use it, this bag can hold it.  If you like having options, this is the paintball bag for you.

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