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Paintball Safety and Protection

We don’t want to be boring, but let’s talk safety equipment.   Now let’s be honest – the fact is, having the proper paintball safety equipment is just as important as any other paintball equipment you have.  If you aren’t playing the game with safety in mind, you should turn in your marker.  And please don’t ignore the rules and ruin it for the rest of us!

SakWorld Paintball knows that safety is essential, so we offer you the best in paintball safety equipment, including 32 Degrees barrel blocking plugs that ensure a secure fit in your barrel with three rubber rings and our own assortment of hybrid barrel condoms to prevent accidental shots hitting anyone.  Remember what you mother always said, “Hey, somebody could put an eye out with that thing!”  Don’t prove her right!

Chronographs aren’t just for tournament play or tuning your gun anymore.  With increased velocity and firing capabilities, it’s more important than ever to check your marker’s velocity with a reliable paintball chronograph to make sure you don’t inadvertently injure someone. 

Barrel Blocking Devices
Starting At $2.50!
Chest Protectors
Starting At $19.95!
Starting At $49.99!
Knee / Elbow Pads
Starting At $19.99!
Slide Shorts + Shirts
Starting At $45.00!
Neck Protectors + Wrist Bands
Starting At $4.95!
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