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Paintball Gun Parts and Upgrades

There’s nothing more satisfying than upgrading your marker.  Okay, knocking down a few competitors with your marker would definitely be more satisfying, but aside from that, paintball upgrades can give you a real boost in performance. 

At SakWorld Paintball, we know the feeling you get when your new Tippman Upgrades arrive and you pull that B-16 barrel kit out of the box.  You’ll get the sweaty palms in anticipation of the converting your paintball gun to a realistic M-16.   

New Designz EGO Deldrin Bolt Pin or D.A.R.T Diffuser Bolts seem like small potatoes, but they can enhance your game significantly.  The EGO Cure Bolt lets your EGO fire off even the most fragile paint without worrying about breakage.  It even improves performance of force-feed loaders.  Tiny little paintball upgrade can mean a great big difference. 

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