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Paintball Hoppers and Tubes

Paintball Hoppers are often overlooked, but think about it – so what if your paintball gun is pro-worthy with all the bells and whistles if your hopper sucks?  Invest in a really great paintball hopper that will give you steady feed and reduce chopping so you won’t get shot up ten seconds after you lock and load. 

At SakWorld Paintball, we carry the best paintball hoppers around.  What’s our philosophy?  If we sell you something that doesn’t help your marker perform to its fullest potential, you’ll go somewhere else.  We’d hate that cuz we’re all about making you a demon out on the paintball field.  Top names like Halo, Empire and View Loader with their egg-shaped Evolution series hoppers make you the envy of your friends (and better yet, your enemies).

We carry sound-activated loads, electronic feeders and plenty of options so you can match your paintball hopper to your marker for a custom look.  You’ll look sweet while burning the competition.

Paintball Hoppers (.68 Cal Standard Size)
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.50 Cal Paintball Hoppers (Non Standard)
Tubes & Accessories
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Hopper Parts + Upgrades
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