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A Paintball Harness (aka Paintball Pack) is a very necessary piece of paintball equipment which allows you to carry more paintballs out on the paintball field with you.  Depending on where you are from, some people call it a harness and some people call it a pack.   Traditionally speaking back in the beginning of the sport harnesses like the 4+1 or 8+1 where these large almost backpack type systems which included suspenders.  It looked more like a harness.

 When the fast game of speed ball became big, manufactures designed a more stream way to carry paintball out on the field.  These were called packs.  They usually were not much bigger than the small of your back and could expand to hold more pods if necessary. 

Now with woodsball and milsim being big, we now have paintball vests which can be customized with standard MOLLE accessories.    That's why we call this section has 3 headings, Paintball Harness, Packs and Vests.  Click on wh

If you click here to view all of our paintball packs and harness, you will learn more about paintball harnesses and, find a harness/pack for any style of play. 

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