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X7 ASSAULT Phenom Electro - Limited Edition Paintball Gun
Limited Edition Assault X7 Phenom Electro !
Tippmann just released a very limited amount of these X7 Phenom Assault Paintball Gun and they are SIIICK! You get a fully loaded X7 Electro and save over $60!
Only $449.00!
More Info is your online paintball store for cheap paintball guns.   Cheap isn't the right word though because we don't sell junk.  Maybe discount paintball guns would be better.   All of our paintball guns are brand new and come factory tested, they also all have factory warranties.  Some guns like the Tippmann 98 Custom have a 2 year factory warranty!  Not to mention, before we even choose to sell a particular paintball gun we evaluate that gun.   That's right, we test it by actually using the gun in real word conditions.   A paintball gun, has to live up to our durability, performance and value standards before we even put it up on the web site. 

If your reading this your probably a new paintball player and your trying to figure out what to buy.  Paintball guns are pretty straight forward. To actually make the paintball gun shoot you need, 1) The paintball gun, 2) a compressed air tank (don't bother with CO2, air replaced it) and 3) a ... Read More

(Description Cont.) ... paintball hopper.   That's all you need to have a working gun.  If you don't have all 3 of those items, its like going swimming without a bathing suit on.  You obviously also want to get a pair of paintball goggles too for safety. 

With that being said, the more expensive a paintball gun is, the faster and more features it will have.   Since your probably a new player, I would stick with either Tippmann, BT, US ARMY, Spyder or Azodin.   Those brands excel at being very durable performers.   Which brings us to the style of play.  Basically there are 2 styles of play  woodsball or speedball.  

Woodsball is a slower paced game which usually takes place in a wooded field.  Players usually dress in camouflage and usually travel around in squads.   Woodsball tends to be a slower paced, cloak and dagger type of play.  Woodsball guns tend to be realistic looking like the US ARMY Alpha Tactical, the Tippmann X7, or old reliable the Tippmann A5.   However if you are looking for some real firepower check out the Tm-7TM-15, or the X7 Phenom.  If your more of a sniper, the Tiberius Paintball Rifles with First Strike round is going to be for you.   The first strike round allows you to shoot 100% farther than other paintball guns.  The Tippmann A5 Sniper Kit might also be for you.  It offers great firepower and long-range accuracy.

Speedball aka tournament paintball is what you see on TV.  Its played on an air bunker field and its very fast paced.  Players usually run and dive very quickly, and require a durable, lightweight paintball marker, which can shoot very fast.  The Planet Eclipse line of paintball guns have always been a popular brand for tournament paintball guns.  Their Etek3 AM is a excellent mid priced paintball gun which offers top end speed and durability at a price which won't break the bank.  Their EGO 10, is their current offering from a long line (5 years) of producing the EGO line of markers, not to mention the Eclipse SLS is their flagship marker.  Don't think you need to spend a lot of money to get performance though.  Dangerous Power has a great line of very high performance guns starting at only $300.  The Invert Mini gun is also great gun!

If you know you need a complete new set of gear, check out our paintball gun packages or our paintball accessory packages.  They have everything you need to get going its all packaged at a discounted price.    If your looking for a more custom paintball gun package check out our Paintball Gun Package Builder.  It allows you to create your own custom package and get a discount all at the same time.  If you ever have any questions, don't be afraid to pick up the phone and call us!  We're always happy to help!

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