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You have the marker, you’ve customized it with the right paintball barrel and you have a killer set of goggles.  When you hit the field of play you should be taking it by storm. Without the proper maintenance and cleaning your paintball equipment becomes less accurate and reliable. Your aim isn’t as true and velocity drops off.  You’ve been ignoring paintball cleaning and maintenance.   If you didn’t know, your barrel gets coated with grime after just a few rounds of play, slowing down the paint and crippling your aim.

Investing just a few dollars in a paintball squeegees significantly improves your performance.  Follow up the cleaning with paintball swabs which restore that glass-like finish in the barrel that prevents corkscrewing. 

You say the problem’s your goggles?  Have you tried cleaning them lately?  If you tried it with regular tissues, you may have already scratched them.  It’s not too late to pick up some microfiber lens cloths that will attract dust like a magnet without scratching.  Treat your goggles like the important equipment they are – care for them with a shot of anti-fog solution and you’ll never miss seeing those flank attacks.

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