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Total Freak Barrel Kit by GoG
Total Freak Barrel Kit by GoG...
The infamous freak kit is back! For those of you who are new to the sport, the Freak kit is the most complete best performing barrel kit and it is back! Smart Parts was the inventor and patent owner of these popular kits, however when they went out of business due to other reasons this kit fell off...
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A paintball barrel kit, is a set of paintball barrels that have different bore sized (internal diameters) and different overall barrel lengths.  If your a paintball player that plays at a few different fields and uses a lot of different paintballs then you need a paintball barrel kit.   Paintballs are all different sizes, some are .688, .684, and some are larger like .691 or .694.  This is where a barrel kit comes in handy.  You want to be able to match your barrel's bore size to the paintball.  You do this by inserting a paintball into a barrel.  If the paintball rolls through, the barrel is too big, if you can't blow the paintball through without turning blue in the face the barrel is too small.  If you can blow it through relatively easily, its a good match.  A good paintball to barrel match will yield more consistent velocities at the chrono, more air efficiency, and a straighter shot due to less ball turbulence.

All the paintball barrel kits we have are top notch.  The JJ Edge kits (like the Elite) do an excellent job of cleaning themselves out after a break, the ... Read More

(Description Cont.) ... Titanium Paintball - Titanium Barrel Kit kits are top of the line and the Smart Parts Freak Kit is legendary. 

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