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Make a Video Review

Get Paid To Show Your Gear Off!

SAK World Paintball is always striving to give you the best possible shopping experience. How better to accomplish this than to have the people who own the gear your interested in create a 100% un biased video review!  This is where YOU come in!


If your handy with a video camera you can make your own video review of a product or a video demo of the product.  A video review could consist of specifically explaining what features you like the product, how easy the product is to use, the products durability, ect.  A video demo would consist of you actually using the product, making sure you feature how the product works, and other hands on features of the product like ease of disassembly ect.


Sure we could sit behind a table and and stoically talk about a product.  That's not as much fun as seeing real life users share their experiences with it. So here's how its going to work.  If you think you can make video, or make a better video of an item we sell online.   Show us.  If we like and and post it on our web site, we'll give you a $20 gift certificate to use on our site.   There is no limit to how many videos you can make.   If you make 20 great videos and we use them all you'll get $400 worth of certificates.  


Tips To Making a Good Video:

  • Be Short and Sweet, Videos Should range from 2-4minutes.

  • Know What You Want to Say Before You Start Recording (No one wants to here you say "uhm" 100 times)

  • Give Specific Talking Point About The Item, "This feature is great because...."

  • Share Your Likes and Dislike (if any) 

  • Zoom In  On The Product, Remember People are Interested in the Product Not the Guy Behind the Camera

  • If the Product Can Do Something Special Please Show Us!

  • Be Enthusiastic !

Video Requirements:

  • A Good Clear Picture Is a Must, HD Resolution Helps

  • The Videos Must Be of New, Current Products

  • File Size Must be Under 2GB

  • "Made for" Must Appear the bottom

  • Video Release Form - Must Be Submitted with Your Video.


Submit Your Video With the Form Below!

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Get Paid to Make a Video Review