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Tippmann Custom 98 Upgrades, Mods + Parts

Congratulations!   Your here because you must be looking for tippmann 98 custom upgrades.  That means you own a tippmann 98 and you love it.  Now its time to trick out the gun! Below you will find all sorts of Tippmann 98 custom mods and tippmann 98 accessories.   Just like Alice in Wonderland, some modes will make you look pretty, some modes will make you shoot FASTER.  So pick your poison!

Here are a few great tippmann 98 accessories 1) The Tippmann AK conversions kit.  This kit just makes your 98 custom look mean.  2) The Adjustable Car Stock, use this to give yourself a better shooting position.  It can also help you move around better in tight places.  3) If you really ... Read More

(Description Cont.) ... have a lot of money to burn this all wood AK47 looks kit is made from the same factory as real Ak47s!

If your looking for tippmann 98 custom mods and tippmann 98 custom upgrades we have them for you!  Step 1, Shoot Faster.  Checkout the Tech T Hair Trigger Pin, it will make your trigger pull with less force.  The Cyclone feed system will upgrade your 98 custom to the A5s Cyclone feed system.  This system allows you to feed your gun at high rates without chopping balls.   The tippmann 98 custom electronic frame upgrade.  This "eframe" will make your gun shoot faster 15bps+ and give you firing modes like FULL AUTO and 3 shot burst!  Now that your shooting faster, you have to aim better. 

Step 2, increase your accuracy.  A new hammer will reduce the kick your tippmann 98 custom has, its its a great upgrade.  Another way to have a more accurate shot is to upgrade your barrel.  So make sure you check out our paintball barrel pages for a good barrel. 

Step 3, Maintenance.  You have to make sure you maintain your gun!  It would be a good idea to pick up a a spare oring kit or space parts kit.  They come in handy at the field.

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