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Macdev MatchStik Barrel Kits

Switching out paintball barrels for optimal performance depending on terrain, type of play and the enemy is crucial if you’re a hardcore paintballer.  Mac Dev has several kits which are easy on your wallet and give your paintball marker the options you need to succeed out on the field of battle. Enter the Mac Dev MatchStik Kit, your answer to every situation, whether in scenario play or just weekend battles.

The Mac Dev MatchStik Kit gives you a choice of barrel lengths and bores.  Mix and match ‘em to suit your needs.  You’ll be the hit-man of any game.  And, what’s even better, if you lose a tip (nobody’s perfect) you can order Mac Dev MatchStik Tips separately without having to buy the whole kit again!  Mac Dev’s claim to fame is their special High Density Polymer finish (HDP) that coats the inside of all their aluminum barrels for a super-slick finish.  You want speed and accuracy?  Look to SakWorld Paintball’s Mac Dev line

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