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Knee / Elbow Pads

Paintball is all kinds of fun, but the day after you can have some hellacious burns on your knees and elbows if you don’t were the proper knee and elbow pads.  For the beginner, the Invert Elbow and Invert Knee Pads offer protection from paintball splatter and the odd moments of sliding into a bunker or banging into a bunker.  Reinforced neoprene and cut-outs for ease of movement make these a quality buy.

Check out Valken Paintball's Elbow Pads.  They offer extra-thick padding combined with ridged grippies so that you can do that funky military crawl during scenario action or when you want to capture the flag. 

Empire 2011  Knee/Shin Pads are the favorite of pros because they are vented to keep you cool no matter how hot the action gets – they’re made of breathable Lycra.  The gel padding gives super cushioning on all the key impact points.  The foam padding is molded to absorb impact so you don’t feel like you were hit by a truck the morning after.  And with Empire Knee/Shin Pads, you can get comfortable fit that will last all day. 

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