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JT Goggles + Parts

JT Goggles are bad-a** looking gear that give you the highest level of protection you can get.  The ProFlex Thermal Goggles are the most comfortable things you’ll slip on for serious paintball competition.  Full coverage, yet incredibly lightweight with soft ear protection and the unique “split mask” design JT is famous for.  The upper half is rigid while the lower half is soft, combining movement and protection. 

If you’re a real safety freak, the JT Headshield is perfect for you.  The fully featured occipital plate completely covers the back of your head.  So if you’re hit by a stray paintball or some wise guy strikes you from behind, you won’t get a raging headache.  There aren’t any other paintball goggles on the market that offer this kind of protection.

Safety and style are both obvious in the JT Flex 8.  They have a killer modified mask and visor and mirrored lens for intimidation and safety combined.

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