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Did you know that your paintball tank regulator has a direct link to your paintballs velocity?  That’s right – fluctuating pressure from your tank can really mess up your game by causing paintballs to cork screw or not come out of your barrel at all!  Sure, compressed air paintball tanks come in with a regulator already, but overtime these your stock regulator can become worn out.  It could be time for a replacement.  

When you’re shopping for a new paintball air tank , be sure to make sure the paintball air tank has a good paintball tank regulator on it.  All the tanks here at SAK WORLD PAINTBALL have been tested  by our staff and by players like your self to be trouble free for years.    When you have a solid regulator on your tank, paintball velocity is stabilized.  Don’t you just hate it when you fire once and it falls short, and then the next shot overshoots the same target?  That’s caused by a pressure spike and it’s something you want to avoid with a quality tank regulator.

Take a look at some of the best paintball tank regulators that SakWorld Paintball has to offer, including those by Empire and MacDev.

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