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Chest Protectors

A Paintball Chest Protector can do 2 things for you.   The first thing it can do for you is protect your chest and back from a bad hit.  The second thing it can do for you is keep you in the game longer.   Not sure what I mean?

So obviously a chest protector is designed to protect your chest and back from getting a major welt.   However it keeps you in the game longer too.   Its actually common for paintballs to bounce off chest protectors.   So if you get hit in the chest and the paintball doesn't break, you can stay in the game!  Remember a paintball has to break on you and leave a paint mark about the size of a quarter for you to be out!  So what do you think Interested now?

We have a number of chest protectors to choose from.  The Invert ZE Chest Protector offers very basic coverage and padding in 1 size fits most size.  Chest protectors like the BT Bullet Proof Chest Protector, the ... Read More

(Description Cont.) ... Empire Grind Chest Protector and the Valken Elite offer Chest, back and some shoulder protection.  Others like the Valken Sleeveless, and the Invert Chest Protector have no sleeves on them.   

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