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Broken Paintballs / How to Clean Your Paintballs

Q: "I Bought Some Paint from you Guys and Some of the Balls are Broken...

"What's Going On?"

    As soon as a new shipment of paintballs comes in we open every case and inspect every bag.  Any bags with broken paintballs are removed.  The paintballs are then stored in a temperature and humidity controlled environment until they are shipped out.  They will be shipped in peanuts and/or other suitable packing material.  We do our best to maintain quality control in order to supply you with the best product possible.  However, we have no control over what happens once they have been shipped.  All we can do is pack them to the best of our ability and send them on their way.

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    On occasion, a few balls may be broken in transit. It happens from time to time. This does not mean that we are sending you low quality balls in poor packaging. It just means that a few of them just couldn't handle the trip. It's better that they break in the bag than in your gun. If your paintballs arrive with one or two casualties, merely wipe the extra paint out of the bag and play on. Its just not worth trying to ship the balls back to us because of the shipping costs involved.  So its cheaper and faster just to clean the balls off yourself so you can actually get out and play.

    Here's how we recommend you clean your paintballs if you find some broken balls in your case after shipping:

  1. Grab a roll of paper towels, an old towel and a nice big spot on the floor.

  2. Lay the old towel out (the bigger the better) on the floor and carefully pour the bag with the broken paint out on the towel and group them together (do not try to clean more then 500 balls at once, the smaller the batch the better).

  3. If you want to reuse the bag your paint came in, clean out the bag and turn it inside out or find another air tight container to store the soon to be clean paintballs in.

  4. Take 2 sheets of the paper towels and fold them at the crease so you have one standard size sheet with another sheet behind it.

  5. Take the doubled up paper towel and place it on the paintballs.  Apply light pressure and move the paintballs around in a circular motion, BE CAREFUL NOT TO BREAK MORE PAINT, USE LIGHT PRESSURE TO PRESS DOWN.

  6. Work on a section of paintballs at a time, as they become clean put them in your storage bag or container, while keeping in mind some paintballs my need more attention then others.   Do not try to make the paintball "squeaky" clean, paintballs by nature will always have a "slick", oily feel to them.  Just clean them to the point that there is no more visible paint on them, again focusing on not breaking more paint. 

  7. Don't forget to find the broken balls and throw them out.  It could just be a leaky seam so look carefully for them.  Follow these steps and they will shoot far, straight and on target just like intended.

        Its actually good that you get the chance to spend 20min or so cleaning your paintballs.  It allows you to study and learn the construction of the particular brand name your cleaning.  Look for dimples, weak seams, non-perfect shapes ect.  Compare your observations to the next brand you buy.  AS always feel free to contact us with questions at


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