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Accessories & Miscellaneous

Large Style Gauge by Valken
Marker Stand by Planet Eclipse
Energy-Box of 20 Packets by XRP - Grape
JT SplatMaster Target Tree - Orange/White
JT SplatMaster Nuke Inflatable Bunker with Water Chamber
Fire Control Unit Rev. 2 by PolarStar
Fusion Engine, V2, M4 by PolarStar
Fusion Engine Kit for M249 by PolarStar
Fusion Engine for V3 & AK by PolarStar
Valken Energy Balancing 1-4 Cells LiPo/LiFe Charger
Valken Tactical Raptor Holster - Olive
Eclipse Gear Marker Pack - Pixel Grey
Valken Paintball Target
Valken Tool - AR-15 Armorer's Combo Tool
Valken AR-15 Armorer's Wrench 2nd Generation Tool
Valken PolarStar FE Black AK Nozzle Assembly - Black
Valken PolarStar FE Blue AK Nozzle Assembly - Blue
Valken PolarStar FE Blue AK Nozzle Assembly - Gold
Valken PolarStar FE Blue AK Nozzle Assembly - Green
Eclipse 2013 Oil Box of 20
Eclipse 2014 Oring and Detent Kit
Eclipse 2014 Universal Parts Kit
Eclipse Barrel Sock - Pixel Grey
Eclipse Barrel Sock - Pixel Orange
Eclipse Barrel Sock - Pixel Red
Eclipse Barrel Sock - Stretch Poison
Eclipse Barrel Sock - Stretch Punk
Eclipse Barrel Sock - Stretch White
Eclipse E-Portal Upgrade Kit
Eclipse Grease 20ml Tube Box of 20
Eclipse LV1/3.1/GSL GS POPS Adapter Rail - Black
Eclipse LV1/Geo3.1 Grip Kit - Black
Eclipse LV1/Geo3.1 Grip Kit - Blue
Eclipse LV1/Geo3.1 Grip Kit - Dark Earth
Eclipse LV1/Geo3.1 Grip Kit - Lime Green
Eclipse LV1/Geo3.1 Grip Kit - Orange
Eclipse LV1/Geo3.1 Grip Kit - Red
Eclipse LV1/Geo3.1 Grip Kit - White
Eclipse LV1/Geo3.1 Tech Kit
Eclipse Micro Fibre Cloth - Black/Green L
Eclipse Micro Fibre Cloth - Black/Green S
Eclipse Tech Flex Mat - Green
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