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A5 Parts and Upgrades is your source for Tippmann a5 accessories, tippmann a5 mods, and Tippmann a5 upgrades!  We have accessories to make gun look cooler.   We have tippmann a5 modes to make your a5 shoot faster, and we have Tippmann a5 upgrades that can really make your a5 outperform other paintball guns all together.  If your looking for upgrades to make your Tippmann a5 shoot fast, check out the TechT "Ludicrous Speed" Cyclone Upgrade Kit.  It's a few tippmann a5 mods rolled into one.  It modifies your cyclone feed system to be able to shoot 25bps!  Thats 10bps over the 15bps stock rate.    To shoot faster and add firing modes like full auto, I would upgrade your Tippmann A5 with the Hall Effect (H.E) Electronic frame.  Other cool tippmann a5 modes include the New Designz Adjustable hammer kit, which can allow you to turn down your Tippmann A5's operating pressure or reduce the kick your a5 gun has. 

A5 owners love our selection of Tippmann a5 accessories.  Some of the ... Read More

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(Description Cont.) ... most popular Tippmann a5 accessories are our barrel shrouds.  Barrel shrouds are a great way to add some custom looks to your A5.   Most people don't think of Barrels as accessory, but they are.  They add looks can performance to any paintball gun.

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